The value of data that is collected and stored, make the financial sector a prime target for cybercriminals. AI has been widely used in the financial sector for client risk profiling, fraud detection, credit risk evaluation, and for automating manual processes. It is quite important to make sure that these AI engines are not biased … Continue reading Finance

The US healthcare industry saved $300 B per year by using machine intelligence. AI has already improved diagnosis accuracy, reduced required time to determine cause and course of the disease, and helped in formulating an effective treatment for diseases. The majority of these systems are trained with private and sensitive medical data and some are … Continue reading HealthCare

AI has significantly impacted the transport sector and widely applied in different domains ranging from navigation and traffic signal control to destination and demand prediction. The development of automated vehicles (AV), automated driving systems (ADS) and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) further expanded the impact of AI in the transportation industry. ¬†These systems are almost always … Continue reading Transport