AI services are increasingly playing a critical role in many businesses that require compliance with different security standards. Compliance with privacy and regulatory standards in such an evolving environment is a challenge. We provide a series of privacy assessment and compliance reviews to achieve the required level of assurance for your AI systems and meet … Continue reading AI Privacy & Compliance
Although AI-based systems and devices such as AI speakers are relatively new, there are already many cases requiring digital investigation of AI-based systems. These systems are collecting and storing a lot of data ranging from people voice to network traffics and even users’ behavior.  AI-based devices (such as Amazon Echo) found on the crime scene … Continue reading AI Forensics
Our AI Cybersecurity Review service will provide an independent and expert view of your organization’s AI systems security. Our AI-Security scientists will identify vulnerabilities in your AI data pipeline and your risk exposure. The review will help C-suite executive and board-level decision-makers to priorities AI and automation related activities, identify the level of investment required … Continue reading AI Security Review
Our AI-Security scientists can tackle every aspect of your machine learning environment from architectural design to trained engine input/output queries. We offer black-box, white-box, and gray-box testing of your AI engines. Quote Now Benefits of Our AI Vulnerability Assessment & Testing Service A thorough & economical assessment Testing real AI vulnerabilities and ways to mitigate … Continue reading AI Vulnerability Assessment & Testing