Our AI Cybersecurity Review service will provide an independent and expert view of your organization’s AI systems security. Our AI-Security scientists will identify vulnerabilities in your AI data pipeline and your risk exposure.

The review will help C-suite executive and board-level decision-makers to priorities AI and automation related activities, identify the level of investment required to build a robust, ethical and trustworthy AI ecosystem.

Benefits of Our AI Cybersecurity Review

For businesses looking for a greater and in depth understanding of security, privacy, and ethics risks, we offer validation of your AI data pipeline, identifying current security risks associated with your AI systems, and suggest actionable recommendations to make your AI systems safe, secure and robust.

    • You will gain an independent view of current security and privacy issues in your AI-based systems and services
    • We provide an expert estimate of your current AI systems security maturity level, state of security controls in place and security gaps in your data pipeline to limit your exposure to unknown adversarial attacks
    • We offer board focused report and a benchmark against your peers in the same sector and with a comparable size