AI has significantly impacted the transport sector and widely applied in different domains ranging from navigation and traffic signal control to destination and demand prediction. The development of automated vehicles (AV), automated driving systems (ADS) and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) further expanded the impact of AI in the transportation industry.  These systems are almost always connected to the network. However, the combination of autonomous systems and persistence connectivity provides a vulnerable and mostly unprotected landscape.

Adversarial machine learning techniques are serious threats to the safety and reliability of self-driving vehicles. Our AI-Security scientists are closely working with industry-specific experts to help companies develop and deploy robust and reliable autonomous transportation systems.

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  • Vulnerability Assessment and Testing of Smart Transport Systems: a wide range of AI engines are deployed in self-driving vehicles, traffic management systems, delay prediction systems, flying Drones, etc. that rely on visual and audio inputs. These systems are vulnerable to image-based, video-based and audio-based adversarial attacks. Smart transportation companies may use our AI Vulnerability Assessment and Testing Services to assess robustness of their AI engines and to develop safe and reliable autonomous transportation systems.
  • Security Review of AI Systems deployed in Smart Transport Systems: Transportation systems operate in a domain that is anything but simple. Under varying external and internal conditions such as a bad weather or during social events, these systems should exhibit different characteristics. Even most robust AI systems require continuous security monitoring when deployed in such a sophisticated environment. Our AI Cybersecurity Review service, provides data collectors, solution developers, service deployers and consumers with an independent view of current security and privacy issues in AI-based systems deployed in the transportation systems.
  • AI Privacy Risk Assessment and Security Compliance of Smart Transportation Systems: a lot of private and personally identifiable information is collected by different AI systems deployed in the smart transportation sector to optimize their services and make timely decisions. Making sure that these AI systems are acting ethically and in an unbiased manner with respect to the privacy and regulatory requirements is a considerable challenge. Our AI Privacy & Compliance service helps smart transport system developers to meet different privacy and compliance requirements when building and deploying their AI-based systems.
  • Forensics Investigation and Accident Analysis in Smart Transportation Systems: with the wide usage of AI in smart and autonomous transportation, identifying the source of a failure (i.e. cause of an accident) may require in-depth investigation of underlying AI engines. We offer a range of AI Forensics services from network traffic analysis of AI systems to AI chip-off analysis and recovery of information stored in AI engines to identify root cause of incidents.