Trustworthy AI

 Trust is at the foundation of corporate reputation. It routinely emerges as a top attribute when brand equity is measured because any transaction between a brand and its customers is an exchange of value for the currency. – Forbes

  • AI systems should empower human beings by enabling individuals with new abilities for creativity and experience. For AI to make informed decisions it is important to include humans in all stages of design and development. Organizations need to ensure that proper oversight mechanisms are included through human-in-the-loop, human-on-the-loop, and human-in-command approaches.
  • Our AI Security Review service helps solution providers to build human-empowered AI services. We can help companies that use or deploy AI solutions to assess if their existing machine learning solutions have adopted a human-in-command approach

As the technology of AI continues to develop, practitioners must ensure that AI-enabled systems are governable; that they are open, transparent, and understandable… preparing for the future of artificial intelligence – Executive Office of the President National Science and Technology Council Committee on Technology Read the report

  • Machine learning systems are difficult to secure as most are designed to provide an answer to a question for which no previous answer exists or no answer can be given in a timely manner! Identifying the differences between existing and required behaviors of machine learning systems requires comprehensive testing to assure that they behave safely as expected and in an utmost secure manner! Organizations should carefully plan for managing the risks of AI, how to communicate and manage associated risks, and how to monitor and protect their AI systems.
  • Our AI Vulnerability Assessment & Testing Services help you to identify any safety and security issues in your AI and Machine Learning system well before they are breached or caused damage. Add protection to your company’s reputation by Contacting Us for more information.
  • “The complexity of many AI systems creates important safety and security challenges that must be addressed to ensure that these systems are trustworthy. In particular, AI systems have some inherent cybersecurity risks because of the characteristics of how the technology is designed” AI with America Values.
  • Data scientists mostly believe that more data is better for training and testing AI systems. However, in risk management, data is often considered as a source of liability. Privacy and adequate data governance mechanisms must be in place during training, testing, and using AI and machine learning engines. This includes technical knowledge of differential and data inference attacks as well as legal and ethical implications of using vast amounts of data. Machine learning algorithms may pose significant threats to businesses when applied to sensitive data.
  • Our AI Vulnerability Assessment & Testing Services would help you to identify data exfiltration and privacy issues in your existing machine learning or AI agents. You can use our AI Privacy & Compliance service to identify any non-compliance with privacy or data governance requirements during training, testing, and deployment of your AI engines.

“Besides ensuring full respect for privacy and data protection, adequate data governance mechanisms must also be ensured, taking into account the quality and integrity of the data, and ensuring legitimized access to data.” EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.

Many countries are proposing guidelines and standards for responsible and reliable use of AI. These guidelines are the foundation for the future legislative requirements. Compliance with these standard guidelines would not only guarantee your AI systems alignment with future legislative requirements but improves your company brand and reputation.

We deliver a systematic and strategic approach to assess your business compliance with the following standard guidelines:

  • Canada’s Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence guideline recommend companies to ensure effective and ethical use of AI. By implementing our Trustworthy AI Framework you can be assured that your business meets Canada’s Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence guideline requirements.
  • EU Ethics Guideline for Trustworthy AI  put forward a set of 7 key requirement for AI systems. By implementing our Trustworthy AI Framework you can be assured that your business meets all 7 requirements of EU Ethics Guideline for Trustworthy AI.